Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson has elaborated on his decision to go against a measure to allow the House of Representatives to vote for further aid to Ukraine, saying that Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin “will not lose the war.”

On Monday night, a bipartisan coalition of senators approved motions to push forward a package of further aid to countries including Ukraine and Israel. Senators voted in a majority to end dilatory debate on the $95 billion package, setting up a final vote for early Tuesday morning to send it to the House. Johnson, a Republican, was among a large group of GOP senators who voted against it.

Speaking on conservative news network Real America’s Voice, Johnson said that, while Putin was “a war criminal”, some of the things the Russian president said in his interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, that aired last week, were right.

Ron Johnson (R-WI) questions Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz during a Senate Committee On Homeland Security And Governmental Affairs hearing at the US Capitol on December 18, 2019 in Washington, DC. Johnson discussed…

Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images

“Our policy should be focused on how do we bring Vladimir Putin to the table,” Johnson said.

“We’re cutting off our nose to spite our face with some of these sanctions,” he added, saying that it was making American dollars less important as Russia starts to trade in other currencies.

Johnson said: “A lot of the points that Vladimir Putin made are accurate. They’re obvious, and so many of our people here in Washington D.C. are just ignoring that, making people believe like Ukraine can win. Putin won’t lose. Putin will not lose. He’s not going to lose.”

Johnson added that people needed to accept this reality to deal with the war and bring it to a close.

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