Moment dog realizes grandpa is picking him up for weekly sleepover

A video of a dog appearing elated while waiting to be picked up for a sleepover with its owner’s dad has gone viral on TikTok.

The clip was shared by @thebreezyboo and has had 3.5 million views since it was posted on February 11.

A message overlaid on the video reads: “My dad picks up my dog every Saturday morning for a sleepover.” The footage shows a dog sitting by a glass door and looking outside, while “patiently waiting,” according to the message.

Another note says “Grand-Paw Paw is here” as the canine is seen wagging its tail furiously and standing up against the door. Another note across the screen says “Okay, may be not so patient.”

The dog later pushes the door open and runs outside towards a man standing near a car outside the home.

The pup’s excitement in the latest post is unsurprising as dogs and humans share a strong bond.

The relationship between dogs and their owners “bears a remarkable resemblance to an infant attachment bond: dependent on human care and their behavior seems specifically geared to engage their owners’ care-giving system,” noted a May 2013 study in PLOS One.

Senior people have a special bond with dogs. Canines provide them with many positive physical, emotional and social benefits, noted an August 2019 study in the International Journal of Human Well-Being.

The study said: “Canine companionship is important for people of all ages; for senior people, dogs take on a particular significance.

“Seniors, who have deep attachment to their dogs, think of their dogs as cherished family members rather than as animals with benefits,” the study noted.

‘This Is Priceless’

Users on TikTok were heart-warmed by the dog’s reaction in the latest viral clip.

Marlene Roura said: “Awww he loves grandpa!!!”

Yo wrote the dog must have been saying “smell ya later tater… i’m going to pawpaws.”

It’s me noted: “He didn’t even glance back to say bye. this is priceless.”

Breeze said: “Grand baby is spoiled.”

User wendy agreed, saying “That is so sweet. I see a whole lot of love and spoiling going on here.”

Mark Mcdearmid wrote: “This is so awesome just like a grand baby loves him…”

50shadesofgrayness said: “Grand dogs certainly know who their grandparents are!”

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment via TikTok.

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